Half of All of These in the United States Do Not Last

Half of All of These in the United States Do Not Last


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There is nothing quite as beautiful as a happy, successful marriage. Nor is there something quite as terrible as a bad marriage, something that quite a few Americans know all too well.

Marriage in the United States has seen better days. Unfortunately, the state of marriage today is far from rosey. In fact, some people would go as far as saying it’s dismal. A few facts to consider:

  • Nearly half of all marriages result in divorce.
  • More than 6,500 divorces are filed everyday. That is once every 13 seconds.
  • In terms of multiple marriages, the figures are even worse. About 60% of second marriages end in divorce and 73% for third marriages.
  • Nevada has the highest divorce rate of any state in the country. Roughly 14% of its marriages end in divorce.

The question that many ask after reading these statistics is simple: Why? The reasons for divorce are as complicated and as personal as marriage itself. Generally, however, one big reason why couples file for divorce is a lack of communication. Some estimates also suggest that up to a third of all divorce filings are due to affairs, particularly online ones. Other marital life problems, such as lack of compatibility, financial issues, and work-related problems, are also prominent. There are several others of course, but no matter what the result is always the same: a long, exhausting, and very much unpleasant trial and its aftermath.

Divorce settlement expectations vary from case to case, as does divorce settlement enforcement. Oftentimes couples do not know what to expect from filing a divorce. A divorce settlement can be very complicated for all parties involved. And for splitting couples with children, family law questions add on to the confusion. It is for these reasons why hiring a professional, seasoned divorce attorney can help you get the best divorce settlement possible. Divorce attorneys know just how trying divorces are. They will get you through it and will get you the best settlement deal possible.

Marital life problems are very common in the U.S. and, really, everywhere. If you find you and your spouse cannot get over them, hiring a good divorce attorney is the first step in reaching an agreeable solution.


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