Here are 3 Cases a White Collar Crime Lawyer Would Work On

Here are 3 Cases a White Collar Crime Lawyer Would Work On


While it might seem tame in comparison to other criminal activities, corporate crime is a major problem. The different corporate crime types can destroy people’s finances, which can ultimately destroy their lives. Corporate crime cases are usually handled by a specific kind of lawyer who works for a white collar law firm. Whether it is protecting someone who has been accused of corporate crime or finding justice for the victims of a white collar criminal, these lawyers are well versed in corporate law and comfortable working in that world. They know how to avoid consequences or seek them out, depending on what side they are working for. So, like most legal work, dealing with different types of financial crimes requires specialized skills and a specific mindset in order to be successful. If a lawyer or law student is considering working in corporate law, they will need to figure out exactly what their skills and tolerance levels are. It can be difficult, discouraging work, but there are also a lot of rewards for lawyers who know what they are doing.

Many types of crime have been defined over the years, with some naturally being considered more severe than others. Just to name a few examples, there are federal crimes, sex crimes, and something known as blue-collar crimes and white-collar crimes. If you don’t know what is white collar crime, it refers to crimes that are typically non-violent and financially motivated, though this isn’t always the case. White collar crime lawyers tend to focus solely on these types of cases, which can take several forms. This article will take a look at three examples of cases a white collar crime attorney would work on.

  • Embezzlement: One case a white collar criminal defense attorney would work on is cases involving embezzlement. Embezzlement refers to a variety of crimes that typically involve an individual, or a group of individuals, working to take money belonging to someone else in a financial account and put it in an account belonging to themselves. White collar crime lawyers can take these cases and find evidence to prove the embezzlement either did, or did not happen, whatever the case may be.
  • Identity Theft: Another case a white collar crime lawyer would work on is cases involving identity theft. This crime can take several forms as well, but at one point or another it involves someone stealing the identity of someone else to use for their own financial gain. As identity theft is considered a federal crime, severe penalties can be attached if someone is charged with engaging in identity theft, which is why white collar crime lawyers will work so hard to prove a client’s innocence if they believe they’re not guilty.
  • Money Laundering: And finally, a third case a white collar crime lawyer would work on is cases involving money laundering. This is a crime that entails taking money earned through illegal means and manipulating it in such a way that it appears to have been earned legitimately. This is a relatively serious crime, and white collar crime lawyers work hard to make sure those guilty of it are convicted for what they’ve done.

In conclusion, there are several cases a while collar crime lawyer might work on. These include embezzlement, identity theft, and money laundering. These are just a few of the cases a white crime criminal attorney might work on.


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