Here Are Three Ways In Which Immigrants Are Playing A Big Role In American Society

Here Are Three Ways In Which Immigrants Are Playing A Big Role In American Society



Many people have the incorrect assumption that immigrants come to this country, don’t contribute much, and reap the benefits that come with living here. The fact is that this could not be further from the truth. There are many immigrants who come here, whether it is by work visas, marriage green cards, or other forms of naturalization, and make a positive impact on society. With the United States’ immigrant population reaching 40 million, it is clear that there are many small businesses run by immigrants out there in addition to immigrants that have accomplished a great deal in their fields. Here are three ways that immigrants with marriage green cards and student visas are helping to better this country.

1. Immigrants with marriage green cards and other forms of documentation are becoming home owners more and more often in this country. About 52% of them are now home owners in America. This influx of buyers has helped to drive the housing market. This can be important in a time of recession.

2. About 68% of the foreign born population has some type of degree. This could be a GED, high school diploma, college diploma, or a degree from some other higher education. It is clear that those with marriage green cardsa re working hard to get ahead and get a quality American education.

3. Green card holders are starting their own businesses. Holding a green card allows the holder to be eligible to live in the United States. Those with marriage green cards are making the most of this by becoming entrepreneurs. This is also allowing them to request that their families be allowed to get green cards and come over. This allows them to live the American dream and start a family business. It is clear that immigrants are playing a vital role in shaping the future of your country. More info like this.


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