I’ve Got A Great Idea For A Product Is It Worth Patenting My Idea With An Attorney?


Your intellectual property is important. Doesn’t matter if it’s a small idea or a huge concept for a new business. It’s yours.

Sadly, a lot of people just don’t see it that way. Identity theft and property theft are some of the most common crimes out there, which is nothing to say of ideas being plucked off the Internet like proverbial berries off a bush. When you want to keep your concepts safe and sound you need to look up a patent application. Intellectual property issues shrink exponentially when you have the law on your side. Before you reach out to a patent attorney in Colorado, glance below and pick up some useful vocabulary to put you a step ahead.

Your idea is worth it.

Share Your Ideas Only With Trusted People

It’s tempting to broadcast your genius to all and sundry. Resist the urge! Sharing your ideas on social media or gabbing to a co-worker about all the things you plan on doing can put you in a bad spot to patent your idea later. Today’s digital world has made it easier than ever for people to nab concepts and face no repercussions. While not everything can be patented, the qualifications are broad enough to encompass nearly any original invention.

Learn About The History Of Patents

A good way to keep pace with today’s fast-paced world is to brush up on your history. The first patent law was crafted nearly 230 years ago, going through quite a bumpy road to reach the process we know and love today. The USPTO now receives over 500,000 patent applications every year, with some achieving greatness and others wallowing in obscurity. Which one you’ll be dealing with depends on many factors. The first step to confronting intellectual property issues is knowing the types.

Know Your Different Patent Types

Are you trying to trademark the design of a bottle shape or a new videogame idea? This will go into what kind of patent you’ll file for and how long it’ll last. A provisional patent application can protect your invention for a period of twelve months, with a ‘patent pending’ on your product. If you haven’t filed for a regular patent application in those twelve months your application will expire and your invention will go back to being unprotected. It’s a lot to keep up with, but that’s just the hard work that goes into keeping your idea yours.

Keep Your Filing Dates And Deadlines In Mind

What else should you know before reaching out to a patent attorney in Houston? Remember that a new patent has a term of 20 years or so from the application’s filing date. A recent survey found patents are pretty strongly utilized across 12 industries. Among these industries 50% or more inventions will meet proper criteria, paving the way for a successful lifespan. Yet others might fall a little short, though that’s no reason to get discouraged. An attorney can clear up any other concerns you have.

Talk With A Patent Attorney

Intellectual property issues crop up every day. One person has their idea stolen by an individual in another country, another person wonders if they made a mistake posting their story idea on a forum thread. The domestic patent process is one you should undertake if you have big dreams for your concept. An attorney will walk you through the paperwork, brush you up on state laws, and get you fully prepared for success. You won’t have to worry about missing out on essential deadlines or applying for the wrong patent, either.

Your idea is more than worth the effort. What could a Denver patent attorney do to level up your life?


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