These People Seriously Sued?

These People Seriously Sued?


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If you’ve ever had to hire a personal injury lawyer, you’re probably aware of just how stressful personal injury lawsuits can be. You deserve some time to take your mind off of all those legal matters for a little while. These totally weird and crazy lawsuits will have you thinking less about accident and injury lawyers and more about what these people were really thinking.

Kind and scaring neighbors – When two young girls decided that they would make cookies for their neighbor as a random act of kindness, their plan backfired immediately. The neighbor claimed that hearing the doorbell ring had given her an anxiety attack, and ended up filing a claim against the little girls. She walked away with $900, and the girls probably walked away with a new sense of detachment for the world.

In a pickle – In 1999, a woman stopped at a McDonald’s drive-through to get a burger, just like any ordinary day. Except when she did, a scalding hot pickle fell out of the burger and severely burned her, causing her to file a lawsuit against the franchise. While the case was settled privately and out of the watchful eye of the media, you can probably bet that it included the addition of a pickle clause to company burn policies.

Family drama – When a schizophrenic man stabbed his brother and his mother to death, he was declared innocent by reason of insanity. But as if that wasn’t crazy enough, he then decided he was going to sue his deceased mother for inheritance of her estate. He also would go on to receive $800,000 from the state, for improper administration of the man’s prescribed medication.

Whether you’re dealing with accident lawyers or personal injury attorneys, take the time to be grateful that you aren’t in frivolous lawsuits like these. That being said, your accident lawyers have probably seen worse.


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