Three Signs You May Need to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer After a Road Crash

Three Signs You May Need to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer After a Road Crash


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Every year in the United States, road crashes cost the country $230.6 billion per year, or roughly $820 per person. However, the people injured and lives lost represent a far greater value to the U.S. and its people than the property damage that occurs during these accidents. Those who are involved in auto collisions need to have the expertise of a car accident attorney on their sides to help fight against auto and medical insurance companies to get the care they need.

Have you had a motor vehicle accident? If so, here are three signs that working with a car accident lawyer may be the right answer for you.

  • If your car or other property faced significant damage: In the event that your car was totaled, your insurance company may not want to pay for the damages. A totaled car sometimes isn’t even worth the cost of repairs. If you were in a dump truck accident or semi truck accident, your vehicle may be scrapped rather than fixed. These situations call for insurance companies to provide you with a replacement, and a car accident lawyer can ensure that they do just that.
  • If you or a passenger were severely injured in your car: Each year, car accidents injure more than two million people in the United States alone. These injuries can range from minor cuts and bruises and traumatic brain injuries with permanent consequences. Those who are injured in motor vehicles need the best settlement possible in order to pay for temporary or continuous care.
  • If a passenger was killed in your vehicle: Losing a family member or friend is absolutely devastating, and dealing with the aftermath of an accident on top of tragedy is difficult for anyone. Working with an auto accident attorney can ensure that you and other passengers get justice for that loss of life, especially if another driver was at fault.

Have any questions about working with a car accident lawyer? Leave a comment in the space below and be sure to meet with an attorney for a consultation at your earliest convenience.


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