Top Three Tips For a Successful Video Interviews

Top Three Tips For a Successful Video Interviews


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Nearly all of today’s interactions take place online or via mobile device, and job interviews are no exception. Recruitment agency consultants — even those working for highly competitive firms such as a legal recruitment agency — are conducting a growing number of interviews online and/or through digital video platforms, such as Skype. Here are some of the best tips for interviewing with top legal recruiters via video:

Don’t Forget About Your Surroundings

When scheduling a video interview, keep in mind that your interviewer will be able to see everything around you. Pull up a test video with a friend and carefully note what you can and cannot see. From there, make a point of tidying up and organizing that space. “If you’re interviewing from your house, a messy room could prove distracting, as well as give off the impression you’re unorganized and unprofessional,” AOL warns. Remember to eliminate any potential distractions like cellphones, alarms, loud appliances, and pets, too.

Smile For the Camera

You do not want to be caught checking yourself out during the interview, U.S. News reminds potential candidates. Maintain professionalism by keeping your eyes on the camera. “Eye contact is critical in an in-person interview, and it adds a nice touch on a video interview as well. Pretend your webcam is the person interviewing you. Keep looking at the webcam as you would be looking at your interviewer,” U.S. News adds.

Why Dressing Professionally From the Waist-Up May Not Be The Best Idea

“Be careful if you are considering dressing ‘business on top and casual on the bottom.’ Dress professionally from head to toe. Don’t make the mistake of dressing waist up. If you shift in your seat, you don’t want your pajamas or sweatpants showing!” U.S. News continues. The publication and AOL also recommend wearing lighter colors. Light colors will show up better on a webcam, and they may help you land the job, too. Several surveys show that neutral colors, such as white, creams, and grays are best for job interviews. Light, neutral colors give off an aura of professionalism. Avoid bright yellows and oranges at all costs, experts add. These colors come across as too bold or brazen for most positions.

Interviewing with a legal recruitment agency over video? Carefully keep in mind your dress and surroundings, and don’t forget that eye contact remains a critical part of the interview — even if it’s over Skype! More like this blog:


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