You’ll Never See Accidents Coming, But Getting Ready for Them is Wise

You’ll Never See Accidents Coming, But Getting Ready for Them is Wise


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“What happens if I get hurt at work?”
Undoubtedly, that is a question that many Americans ask before they head to a new job site or accept a new position. While some workplaces are more dangerous than others, concern about workplace injuries is pretty widespread. But the injuries themselves are not the only reason some individuals are nervous when they head into work. Getting hurt at work is a hassle not just because of physical ailments, but the work that is often required to get compensation. Unfortunately, because of the complex nature of workers compensation, that question is an important one to ask.
Though organizations — primarily OSHA — have made progress in making dangerous work environments safer, some three million Americans still suffer workplace injuries every year. In 2012, according to statistics from the Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than half of all injuries resulted in either days away from work, job transfer, or light duty. Of course, some accidents are far more serious than others, but the only way to make sure you are prepared when one happens is to ask, “What happens if I get hurt at work?” before an injury happens.
While there might not be one answer to the question, there are a few things everyone should do to prepare themselves. For one, make sure you know your company’s workers’ compensation policies so that you do not have to waste time learning about them after suffering an injury. That can not only speed up the process of getting payments but also allow you to focus on getting healthy while knowing you will receive what you are entitled to. If you have any doubts, getting in touch with a skilled and experienced workers compensation attorney might be a smart idea as well.
Despite improvements over the past decades, there are still millions of Americans who get injured while on the job at work. Whether you are a firefighter, landscaper, manufacturer, or even work in an office, getting familiar with workers’ comp policies is always a good idea. And, if you are confused or don’t understand certain issues, don’t fret. Though you might not want to involve other parties, attorneys can be a great resource.


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