4 Common Distractions While on the Road

4 Common Distractions While on the Road


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In 2015, there were nearly 32,166 fatal motor vehicle accidents that took place throughout the United States. It’s hard to forget the feeling of being involved in an automobile accident. The damaged caused by a collision can cost a driver a lot of money. It’s wise to ensure you have a personal injury attorney on your side after a motor vehicle accident occurs. You’ll want to be aware of what commonly causes truck drivers to crash their vehicles. Here are four common causes of truck accidents.

  1. Drug Use

    Statistics show that drugs other than alcohol are found on the scene of 16% of motor vehicle accidents. A truck driver may have been under the influence of drugs during the time of a crash. You’ll want to have a personal injury lawyer on your side to prove the fault of another driver.
  2. Operating an Electronic Device

    Many people know how dangerous it is to operate a vehicle while using a cell phone. There have been many public service announcements created to help combat the problem of phone use while driving. Statistics show that percentage of drivers using cell phones has decreased from 3.8% in 2015 to only 3.3% in 2016. Unfortunately, there are still situations where people use cell phones while driving.
  3. Consuming Food or Beverages

    Many truck accidents happen because a distracted driver was eating while driving. Taking your eyes off of the road for one second is enough to cause a massive damage. Truck accidents often occur because these vehicles are impossible to stop quickly. A truck driver can apply their breaks but the vehicle will still slide until a full stop occurs.
  4. Unsafe Working Conditions

    In some cases, a driver is being allowed to travel when they aren’t supposed to. An angry manager may have told a driver they have no choice but to complete a trip. It’s common for truck drivers to be on the road for hours without a much needed break.

In closing, there are several common causes of truck accidents. It’s imperative that you contact a car accident attorney after being involved in a crash with a large truck. Drug usage is a common contributor seen in many automobile crashes. A truck driver often has to utilize electronics to help them arrive at a destination. However, using an electronic device while driving is a major cause of automobile crashes. Eating while on the road can cause a driver to become distracted in a matter of seconds. An unruly manager might be pushing a driver to work unsafe hours which can easily cause a collision. Hiring a truck accident attorney will help to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.


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