4 Main Reasons Couples File for Divorce


There are many reasons for a marriage to fall apart and you can be that most divorce lawyers and many others who provide legal aid for divorce have heard just about all of them. Discovering the reasons why the divorce is happening can help lawyers work with their clients to help the process along as smoothly as possible. Read below to see some of the most common reasons for couples to call it quits.


Money shouldn’t be a driving factor in any marriage, but the sad truth is that today it is a leading cause of divorce. Spending habits and both short and long term financial goals can cause a division in couples eventually leading up to divorce. Money impacts people’s lives differently and can impact one partner differently than another. When money causes troubles in a marriage and the disputes cannot be agreed upon then a divorce lawyer, low cost divorce attorney or even legal aid for divorce may be necessary.


Almost 50% of therapy cases for marriage counseling are due to infidelity. These affairs are responsible for an irreconcilable difference in many marriages. Unfortunately cheating isn’t always for the same reasons, which is why counseling can help. Sometimes though, even after counseling couples still find they need a divorce lawyer or they need to find a divorce lawyer.


There are many reasons that couples fight, and fighting is a healthy normal part of being married. There does come a time, however, that the fights become unbearable or they are becoming damaging to one party or even both. This can be especially true if arguments over the same thing keep happening. When arguments never seem to get better and feel as though they continue to get worse, then it might be time search for legal aid for divorce or employ a divorce attorney.


Some may not even notice, but age actually plays a very important role in marriages lasting or not lasting. Those who get married especially young or even in their later 30’s are at a greater risk of divorce compared with those who marry in the later years of 20 and early years of 30. In 1950 the median age for men and women to marry was 23 and 20, 54 years later it was 27 and 26. Couples who date longer are less likely to get divorced because they get to know their partner better. A three year dating period can lower divorce rates by as much as 39% compared with those who date less than a year.

Sometimes nobody wants to throw in the towel, so by the time one person mentions the “D” word it is felt by both parties. NO matter the reason for wanting or needing a divorce having both parties on the same page and working together is vital. Just because the marriage has dissipated doesn’t mean that humanity has. A couple may not be able to be married, but they can be civil and humane to each other, even through a divorce.


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