4 Reasons Why Not Hiring an Accident Attorney May Wreck Your Case

4 Reasons Why Not Hiring an Accident Attorney May Wreck Your Case


Updated: 10/28/2022

If you have been in an accident with a big rig, you need to hire an 18 wheeler accident attorney to help you with your case. An accident advisor can help you get everything done for the case you want to file. They know all of the legal requirements and will file all of the right paperwork and do it correctly. It’s always helpful to have an accident advocate on your side to help you through it all.

When you go to a law firm that is an accident and injury group, they have a lot of experience with accident cases and know what needs to be done. When you are looking to hire an accident attorney, you may want to find one that will give an accident attorney free consultation near me. This lets you know whether you have a case so that you won’t waste time if you don’t.

It’s always a good idea to have legal representation in court. Trying to go it alone can mean making a lot of mistakes. An accident attorney has the expertise needed to build a case for you. Read reviews of various attorneys first and call the ones that have a good reputation.

The answer is yes if you just asked, “Do I need an accident lawyer?” You should never try to file a personal injury case without hiring a personal injury attorney. There are many reasons that it’s in your best interest to hire such a professional. Some of those reasons are:

Flawless Paperwork

Accuracy is one reason to hire an accident attorney no injury specialist, or an accident lawyer. You won’t want to do all the paperwork involved in a court case yourself.


A skilled attorney can give you excellent accident lawyer advice. Another thing such an attorney can do is negotiate with the other person involved in the accident. This person may be able to get some money for you long before the case advances to court. You’ll want a lawyer like that in your corner.

Settlement Calculations

An attorney is skilled in his or her calculations and can figure out how much money you should request in the case. You won’t want to do all that work, either. A lawyer is likely to get you more money back than you imagined.

If you want to know how to find a good accident attorney, you can search online or go to a lawyer’s association website to track down the best in the industry.

Hiring personal injury attorneys who handle car accidents isn’t an option after a crash. It’s a requirement. These are some reasons you need one:

You Need Advice

You need accident lawyer advice, even if you don’t think you’ll be entitled to compensation. The conversation you have during your consultation with the attorney may surprise you.

Someone Else May Be at Fault

Your accident and all your injuries might be someone else’s fault. If that’s the case, you will be eligible to bring forth a personal injury suit. Neglect is the main qualifying component in such a case. An attorney will be skilled in proving whether another driver neglected your health and welfare.

You Might Be Eligible for Compensation

You might be eligible to receive damages if another person was responsible for your injury. You could get compensatory damages, punitive damages, or both. You won’t find out if you qualify unless you speak to a reputable attorney, however. Do yourself a favor and schedule a meeting with one of the best.

Your best option is to visit a search engine and type “attorney near me car accident.” This will lead you in the direction of a reputable accident attorney no injury expert or an injury specialist who can let you know what your options are.

Wrongful death attorney

Being in a car accident can be a traumatizing experience, but a semi truck accident just about takes the cake — semi truck accidents kill thousands of people every year with a fatality rate as high as 98%. After a car accident, if no one has been injured and your insurance company covers the damage to your vehicle, it?s understandable not to hire an attorney. However, after a trucking accident, an attorney is a necessity for any victim.

Here are four reasons why not hiring an accident lawyer, such as a semi truck accident attorney, may very well wreck your case.

You may not know how to use your evidence as well as a lawyer

While most people can assemble evidence such as photographs of the car accident, injuries sustained, hospital records, etc, a lawyer knows how to use that evidence to the fullest extent. If something was tampered with or illegally obtained, an attorney is more likely to know and will be able to argue on your behalf. Without an attorney, your case may be easily lost as evidence can be held against you without challenge.

Not hiring an attorney can cost you money

Attorneys are like publishing agents — unless otherwise noted, most don?t make any money on your case unless it?s won. Therefore, while you may eventually be paying your injury attorney, truck accident lawyer, or semi truck accident attorney a decent sum in the chance that your accident case is won, it?s better to have money to pay your attorney with than to attempt to win the case yourself, lose, and make out with no money for coverage at all.


Unless you?re a professional lawyer or you?re well-versed in law, filing legal documents on time and staying on top of deadlines may be difficult or confusing for you. An attorney used to legal procedures and paperwork such as a trucking accident attorney or wrongful death lawyer can keep you up to speed with the legal process of your case and keep your case from going down the toilet, which may very well happen if you miss even one deadline due to an incorrect filing.

A semi truck accident attorney knows how accident cases are run

Did you know in order to win a case for wrongful death, you would need to prove damages, causation, breach, and duty and not just the obvious death of the person in the semi truck accident? A semi truck accident attorney not only knows how to utilize the evidence provided to them by you, but what information may be additionally needed in order to argue the case in the first place.

Hiring a semi truck accident attorney, injury attorney, or trucking accident attorney after suffering from an accident is a necessity for a chance to not only win your case but to get justice for yourself and your loved ones who may have been harmed.




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