4 Tips For Finding a Good Lawyer — For Whatever Reason You Need It

4 Tips For Finding a Good Lawyer — For Whatever Reason You Need It


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Whether you’re suing someone, being sued, getting divorced, or were hurt in an accident, there’s a large chance that you’re going to need a lawyer to represent you. Not only is it helpful to have some legal muscle behind you as you move forward in the court room, but it is often necessary to do so. However, finding a good lawyer isn’t always an easy thing to do. Whether you need the best criminal defense attorney around or a personal injury lawyer, here are some steps that will help you find a good lawyer.

Ask your pre-existing lawyer
If you already have a lawyer but need one with a specialization, ask your current lawyer for a recommendation. They will steer you in the right direction.

Phone a friend
If you have a friend that has been through a similar legal ordeal, ask them for advice. However, don’t just collect names. Make a list of questions and ask your friends and family each and every question, making sure that you are finding a good lawyer that is not only competent, but will work well with you and your needs.

Ask a bar association
Wherever you live, there is an American Bar Association branch near you. Click on your state on the ABA’s website to find a lawyer in your area. You can also access free legal sources, license verification, and a full guide to court systems.

Check out independent legal referral websites
There are many websites that can help you find a lawyer simply based on your location and specific legal problem. Unlike professional associations, these sites will have client reviews and these reviews can either help or hinder your perception of the lawyer-to-be. Just remember that as you go forward with your decision, whatever it may be!

Now that you have the tools, good luck finding a lawyer! This is a great source for more.


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