A Look At Different Types Of Personal Injury Cases In The United States


Elder abuse is, unfortunately, a problem that is growing in all places throughout the United States. From nursing home neglect, a type of abuse, to nursing home abuse, an elder abuse attorney can be key in protecting your loved ones from sustaining further abuse. An elder abuse attorney will also help to guide you through your rights and an experienced and successful elder abuse attorney with a good track record is even likely to be able to get you a certain amount of settlement money. An elder abuse lawyer will help you to navigate what is likely an unfamiliar legal system, protecting your rights and getting you what you deserve in terms of compensation as a small way to repay you for the elder abuse that was sustained, either by you personally or by a close and well loved family member such as a parent or even a sibling.

And elder abuse, as any elder abuse attorney will know all too well, is a problem that has only continued to grow, with as many as two million new cases of elder abuse to varying extents each and every year in the United States alone, let alone in other countries around the world. It has even been estimated that as many as ten percent (one out of every ten) of all elders (particularly those living in nursing homes or even assisted living facilities) has suffered from elder abuse to some extent. For residents living in nursing homes, the chances of elder abuse skyrocket, as data has found that nearly ninety percent of all such residents have been neglected by staff members and caretakers themselves or directly know someone that has been. Nearly half – forty percent, to be even more exact – have actually stepped forward to report this abuse as well as other types of abuse that can and have occurred in the setting of a nursing home or assisted living facility.

But nursing home neglect is not the only kind of personal injury case out there. Along with the elder abuse attorney, car accident lawyers also often find themselves with a full plate. This is because, of the six million car accidents that occur every year in the United States, many of them happen due to preventable causes, such as driving under the influence and distracted driving. In fact, more than thirty seven thousand people just in the United States alone will die in a car accident before the year is over, and more than thirty thousand people die throughout the country every year as a direct result of these all too often fatal motor vehicle accidents. Life long injury is also a common result of a particularly severe car wreck, and the injuries sustained in such an accident can lead to a permanent disability – and such injuries will effect more than two million people over the entire course of every single year.

And even aside from the car accident attorney as well as the elder abuse attorney, personal injury lawyers often handle cases such as dog bites and other injuries inflicted by common household pets as well. Dog bites, however, are particularly common. Data even shows that as many as four and half million dog bites will occur over the span of time of just one year all throughout the United States, and will require the need for medical treatment in as many as seven hundred and fifty thousand of these dog bite incidents. Though some dog bites that are sustained will be relatively minor and will not have a hugely detrimental impact, some have the potential to be very severe – even life altering in many cases – and can have lifelong impacts on the people who have sustained them as well as their family members.

From the elder abuse attorney to the car accident attorney to the general personal injury attorney, such cases are common throughout the entirety of the country of the United States, no matter where you might live within the country. If you are a victim, a lawyer can help.


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