Choosing the Right LawyerA Most Important  Decision

Choosing the Right LawyerA Most Important Decision


Murder defense lawyer

Choosing the right lawyer can be a difficult experience, especially for someone who has never been in the position before where they have been in need of legal representation. The rule of thumb suggests that it is best to choose a lawyer through word of mouth by a trusted individual who has had a positive experience with a particular attorney. It is also wise to contact an attorney who is proven to be a highly respected lawyer, with a good, solid reputation.

A theft arrest can involve a number of different considerations. A lawyer for theft defense is retained with the purpose of proving the offender innocent. There could very well be multiple areas of proof of his or her guilt; however, the job of the theft lawyer is to help their client in every way they can. Additionally, there are many cases of theft where the client is guilty but with circumstances surrounding the event that could, in a roundabout way, prove innocence. A highly respected lawyer for theft defense will know how to bring those circumstances into light where they are understood and taken into consideration.

Every year in the United States, approximately 10,000 people are wrongly convicted of a crime and are sentenced to spend time in prison for an act they did not commit. The astounding fact is that innocent people have thus far in this country served 3,944 years for the crimes of others. There are, at this point in time, approximately 68 million people in the U.S. who have a criminal record. It is impossible to know how many are truly guilty of the crimes that will follow them for the rest of their lives. Since 1989 the use of DNA has been instrumental in proving the guilt or innocence of someone convicted of a crime, and, as a result, there have been more than 300 people exonerated. And this number is growing all the time. They were proven innocent because DNA took the onus off of them and the finger of accusation has often pointed in another direction entirely. Now, with proof.

For whatever the accusation, there is usually a wide choice of attorneys to be considered for the individual’s legal representation. Lawyers often specialize in a certain area, but will also branch out into other areas included within the sphere of the case. Depending upon the nature of the crime, clients may need to retain a lawyer for theft defense, a domestic violence attorney, or perhaps a dui defense attorney. Whatever the case, every client wants a compassionate lawyer who will be willing to go the extra mile in their defense.

In the case of an individual accused of theft, a good lawyer for theft defense will need to examine every detail of the case and create a defense that shows the client in the best possible light. Was the situation the result of a misunderstanding? An agreement between two people as to who was the rightful owner of the property in question could have led to one believing, in good faith, that it belonged to them. However, they would have to be able to provide proof of their belief, beyond the shadow of a doubt. Was the client intoxicated at the time of the offense, and not able to form the correct line of thinking? It is entirely possible that the accused picked up and walked off with an object that they thought was their own, when, in reality, it belonged to another person. Again, prove it, beyond the shadow of a doubt. However innocent the client might be, their attorney still has to tangibly prove their innocence.

Often the question is asked as to whether or not returning the stolen property could be part of the individual’s defense. Unfortunately, this does not help to defend the action of taking it in the first place. However, it can give a lawyer for theft defense an additional platform for defending their client, and it could help in establishing a plea bargain which may bring a reduced penalty.

The bottom line is that, when in need of legal representation, clients need to know that they have chosen an attorney who is willing to go the extra mile in their defense.


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