Five Steps to Avoiding a Serious Bike Accident

Five Steps to Avoiding a Serious Bike Accident


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In an effort to cut down on harmful pollutants and high fuel costs, many people are turning to bicycles as their go-to form of transportation. Bikes are a great way to help the environment, and they have the added benefit of being a great form of exercise. Trading in a car for a bike has its advantages, but it can also be dangerous. Bicycle injury statistics show that even though bicycles are responsible for only 1% of trips on the road in the U.S., bicyclists have a higher rate of injuries and deaths related to accidents. To avoid major bicycle accident injuries and the need for a bicycle injury lawyer, follow the safety tips below for riding a bike.

  1. Wear a Helmet – Although helmets are not required in every state, that doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t wear them while riding a bike. This is particularly true when riding on the streets with larger, faster vehicles. Wearing a helmet could be the difference between life and death during a bike accident.
  2. Obey the Rules of the Road – While more cities are becoming biker-friendly, many haven’t completely remodeled for bicyclists. This means that many people must ride on the street. It is important to remember that bicycles are considered a vehicle on the road, and therefore bicyclists must follow the rules of the road. This means indicating lane changes and turns, as well as riding on the right side of the road.
  3. Use a Bike Path – Luckily, more places are started to accommodate bicycles by making biker-only lanes and special bike paths along the road. Anyone who lives in a place with these luxuries should always take advantage of them to avoid the possibility of a car and bike accident.
  4. Be Defensive – When sharing the road with cars and other vehicles, bicyclists should always ride defensively. Many drivers aren’t used to sharing the road with bicycles yet and may not be on the lookout for them. Therefore, it is wise for bikers to keep an eye out behind them and always be aware of the cars around them.
  5. Be Visible – Although riding at night in the dark is not ideal, it can be hard to avoid. Bicyclists who find themselves in this situation should wear bright, reflective clothing to make themselves more visible to other vehicles and reduce the risk of a crash.

When bicyclists don’t take the proper precautions it can result in serious bicycling injuries and even long personal injury cases in which a bicycle injury lawyer will have to prove what happened. Being aware and taking the necessary steps is the best way to avoid bicycling injuries and avoid the need for expensive bicycle injury lawyers. Read more about this topic at this link.


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