How a Lawyer Can Defend Your Rights

How a Lawyer Can Defend Your Rights


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Criminal lawyers that deal with state statutes and laws such as Virginia criminal lawyers often take on a wide variety of cases. These cases can range from larceny, to assault and battery, to car crash fatalities, specifically when drunk driving is involved.

The statistics surrounding drunk driving are well known but always bear repeating. Every two minutes, someone is injured in a crash where drunk driving plays a role. Of all fatalities in car crashes, 32% are from drunk driving. And drunk driving costs the United States nearly $200 billion each year according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

While criminal lawyers can be taken as those that prosecute against perpetrators, there are a large amount of criminal lawyers who defend those charged with a crime. Virginia criminal lawyers may, for instance, take on a case where an individual has been charged with driving under the influence. They may have a specialty as DUI lawyers. A criminal defense attorney may also be in the category of car accident lawyers.

And while drunk driving gets the most press, distracted driving can also be an issue. Of all fatalities in car crashes, 16% are due to distracted driving. And at any given second during the day, over 600,000 Americans are using cell phones or other equipment that leads to distraction.

Someone who has been charged with any kind of driving offense may want to seek out traffic lawyers to determine the best possible defense in their case. Criminals lawyers–like Virginia criminal lawyers–can specialize in the defense of traffic charges, whether they be more serious crimes like distracted driving leading to a car accident injury or light offenses like speeding tickets.

Driving is associated with other detrimental parts of society, including one that may surprise you: divorce. A study conducted in Sweden revealed that couples in which someone spends more than 45 minutes commuting are more likely to divorce than those who do not.

Divorces are prevalent in today’s American society: There is one divorce every 36 seconds, which amounts to over 850,000 divorces every year. Many who file for divorce choose to seek out divorce attorneys for representation in the legal aspects of the proceedings.

Divorce attorneys specialize in the practice of family law, which is an area of law that concerns itself family matters and domestic relations, such as marriages, divorces, and child custody. They also can be involved in handling matters related to visitation hours and paternity tests.

Custody lawyers–a specialized aspect of divorce attorneys–will be able to negotiate the custody agreement between the individuals filing for divorce. This may include precluding one individual from having custody whatsoever. Although this may be different from the nature of a criminal case, competent lawyers are educated, intelligent, and are willing to fight for your position.

Finding a lawyer, whether it is a Virginia criminal lawyer or a divorce attorney, is important in securing a future that is fair and just.


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