How Legal Research Can Help You

How Legal Research Can Help You


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Civil lawsuits can be a long, complicated, and expensive process, especially when dealing with various federal statutes and regulations. Civil lawsuits cost the United States nearly 233 billion dollars annually, with the average length of a civil trial being 3.7 days. According to a recent study by Statistic Brain, an estimated 13% of all civil lawsuits in the United States are related to product liability issues.

When handling civil lawsuits, attorneys and other legal professionals often use legal English in their coursework and legislative research. Legal English is often found on court documents such as contracts, licenses, summonses, and judgments and is an important part of legislative history. Based off of standard English, Legal English differs heavily in many areas, including terminology, linguistic structures, and punctuation. In fact in many cases, Legal English would be difficult for most American citizens to properly understand and decipher.

Though the legal processes can be confusing at times, there are several legal research tools and legal research websites at your disposal. You may want to consider working with a company that offers legislative intent services to offer clarity and interpretation of federal and state laws, statutes, and regulations. They can provide extensive legislative research and history regarding certain laws. Legislative research and history documentation enables you to better understand existing laws, as well as the circumstances that lead to their enactment or amendment. These documents are often submitted and relied upon by courts and other government agencies for reference. This information allows you to have insight, and therefore you are able to present a stronger case. A legislative intent service will conduct all of your legislative research in order to assist you in winning your civil lawsuit.


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