How Much Will You Get From a Car Accident Settlement?


Of all the personal injury claims, auto accidents are the most frequent cause of injury claims. An auto accident lawyer is an expert that manages these claims. One of the most frequent questions an auto accident lawyer will be asked is how much they can expect to collect after an auto accident. The first thing every claimant should understand is that a personal injury lawyer is an expert in auto accidents but they can only provide you with a roundabout number based on prior experience. No one, not even your personal injury attorney can tell you exactly what your case is worth. A good auto accident attorney will tell you from the start that there is no way to predict the actual outcome.

Let’s say you have an auto accident attorney Portland, and you have a case there, and ask the question about what your case is worth, the auto accident attorney can give you a ballpark figure but there are so many unique variables that it is impossible to be completely accurate. Watch this video to learn why no one can tell you exactly what your case may settle for.


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