How to Find an Appeal Attorney  What You Should Know

How to Find an Appeal Attorney What You Should Know


Lawyers for criminal appeals

Lawyers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and specialties. There are appeal lawyers, criminal lawyers, tax lawyers, property lawyers, civil lawyers, etc. For our purposes, we will focus on appeals attorneys. We will provide a guide on how to find an appeal attorney.

There are a number of ways in how to find an appeal attorney. There are also a number of things to consider. Where did the lawyer go to law school? How long has he been practicing law? What kind of legal approach does he or she use in cases? Etc. However, before we go into how to find an appellate attorney, however, it is important to discuss what an appeal is and why they are so important to the rule of law.

The US Constitution protects the rights of the defendant, even after they are convicted. The Sixth Amendment guarantees legal representation for any citizen involved in serious criminal proceedings. Article III of the Constitution authorizes the establishment of the US Court of Appeals. Appellate judges are nominated by the President and are confirmed by the US Senate. Appellate courts in particular reexamine the court record of a trial to see if there were any legal errors that affected the verdict or the sentencing. Every citizen convicted of a crime has a legal right to file an appeal. More than 10,000 appeals are filed in the US judicial system each term.

So, given this, it is important to know how to find an appeal attorney, in case you or someone you know gets into legal trouble. The internet, particularly search engines, is the first place you should start. Look in the Yellow Pages or any public listings of law firms. Ask around. By doing this, you should be an expert in how to find an appeals attorney. Good luck!
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