Making Smart Choices on the Road

Making Smart Choices on the Road


Semi truck accident lawyer

We all go through the same training and learning processes or at least those which are quite similar to one another: always wear your seatbelt, both hands on the wheel, keep your eyes on the road at all times, use your mirrors, be careful not to let anything distract you. That last one seems to be taken as more of a light suggestion than a hard and fast rule, much to the dismay of most sensible drivers, law enforcement, and those families and loved ones who have had the awful experience of someone close to them being injured or killed by someone texting or otherwise distracted behind the wheel of another vehicle. It truly is a senseless and completely and utterly avoidable tragedy to lose a life in this manner.

Finding a good auto accident lawyer
Most often, in terrible automobile accidents involving a driver who was distracted by a portable device or even one driving under the influence of alcohol, that driver was not acting maliciously or intentionally recklessly. But life is about choices, and when you make poor ones, you must face the consequences and repercussions. If an adult can legally be behind the wheel of a vehicle, he or she is well aware of the responsibility that he or she has to make sound choices, particularly when it comes to not endangering the life of another human being. Whether you are the person who was injured at the hands of another driver who made poor choices or you are looking for representation for a family or loved one who was killed in that manner, you will want to find the right auto accident lawyer for the case. There are many different types of lawyers and law firms, but finding a personal injury attorney and one that has a reputation as a good auto accident lawyer will go a long way in helping you to find justice and maybe even the start of a bit of closure for what you have been through.

Shining a light on a devastating situation plaguing drivers everywhere
Every single day there are about 300,000 cases of drivers operating vehicles while intoxicated, but not even 4,000 arrests are made. That is far too many drunk drivers getting away with seriously dangerous behavior. And with those kinds of numbers, it is unfortunately not surprising at all that every two minutes finds another person injured in a crash involving a drunk driver. And it is not just alcohol. There are many people who understand the gravity of a situation which involves getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, and yet those same individuals will be utterly convinced that texting while driving is nowhere near the same type of offense. However it has been found that being in engaged in visual-manual subtasks like using a phone or other portable device will increase your risk of being involved in a collision by three times. On average, at any point during any day, there are about 660,000 drivers in America using a cell phone or some other electronic device. Perhaps those drivers would think twice if they met the families of the 3,154 people killed in 2013 in crashes associated with distracted drivers, or any of the 424,000 people injured that same year in the same type of scenario.

No text, app, or buzz is worth a life being lost, or a life lived with a permanent ailment or disability as the result of a crash. Put down the device and wait until you get to your destination. If you have had anything to drink, put the keys down and make other arrangements. Drive safely, for everyone’s sake, or you may be hearing from an auto accident lawyer.


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