Reckless Driving Charge  What Factors Are Considered?

Reckless Driving Charge What Factors Are Considered?


Traffic light violation

A reckless driving charge is a serious offense that is often considered one of the worst misdemeanor traffic violations. While hundreds of reckless driving charges are given every day, many drivers do not understand exactly what qualifies as reckless driving. By definition, reckless driving is when a driver deliberately drives in a way that may endanger the safety of themselves or other drivers. However, many think this is too vague of a definition, and consider it to be more of an umbrella term for different traffic violations. To clear up some confusion, we explain how officers qualify a reckless driving charge.

Factors Considered

There are a variety of different factors that are weighed on during the court hearing procedure before a reckless driving charge is administered. This can include the time of day, conditions of the weather, who was in the area, the quality of the vehicle, and how familiar the driver is to the area.

Willful Acting

A reckless driving charge is given only to those who intentionally disregarded the rules of the road. The prosecution looks to prove that the driver was aware of the risk, and consciously made the decision to disregard in. During DMV hearings, the county court deliberates on the purpose of the action, the risks it causes, and the circumstances known to the driver at the time of the violation.

Safety Risks

Lastly, the court takes the amount of danger exposed to drivers into consideration when deliberating a reckless driver charge. While danger must be prevalent in a reckless driving case, there does not necessarily have to be any accident or injury for a judge to sentence you with a charge. Reckless driving can occur even when there are no other drivers, and no property is damaged. As long as you endanger yourself, or your own property, you can still be charged.


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