Seek Out Estate Planning Services to Protect Your Family In the Event of Your Death

Seek Out Estate Planning Services to Protect Your Family In the Event of Your Death


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Have you considered getting a will? Life is full of the unexpected, which is why it’s a good idea to have a Will or enlist the help of estate planning services just in case. Doing so will help you prepare for life events and will help make plans for how your assets will be handled in the event of your death. So if you’re an empty-nester, elderly, a retiree, recently married, recently divorced, or working in a high risk job, it would be a good idea to contact estate planning services to help you get your affairs in order.

Many people might not understand the value of setting up a Will, but a Will has significant value when it comes to protecting your family from losing out on and potential inheritance and it helps to map out exactly how you want your affairs managed so that no one else ends up making decisions on your behalf without your say so.

Because Wills are so important, it may come as a surprise that nearly 51-percent of Americans over 55 don’t have Wills. The number is even higher among Americans as a whole. A whopping 64-percent of all Americans don’t have a Will of any sort set up. What’s more, a shocking 38-percent of U.S. adults have a healthcare power of attorney. This means that another person will have the ability to make decisions regarding your health care if you’re unable to make such decisions. This also means that your family would have little to know say, leaving you vulnerable.

So why don’t more people seek out wills and estate planning services and set up a Will? Many people are intimidated by the process and think it will take a long time to set up, and some are afraid that it will be costly. Many people, 75-percent of Americans, in fact, say that if the process to update or create a WIll was easy or possible to do so online, they would be writing a will and getting the ball rolling. So maybe this is something that those working in the estate planning services field should consider. If people would be more apt to seek out their services if the processes were easier, why not listen to the wants of the people and adapt?

Either way, the importance of setting up a will is still there. And whether or not the process is easy, everyone should get a will.


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