Three Common Types of Traffic Accidents That Result in Personal Injury Cases

Three Common Types of Traffic Accidents That Result in Personal Injury Cases


One of the most important things victims need to do after an automobile accident is contacting one of the available local auto accident law firms. These experts can help victims manage the legal red tape and ensure all of the necessary personal injury documents are prepared and field for the injury litigation hearings and proceedings.

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The local law firm and attorneys can answer every question the victim and his or her family has regarding the specifics of the case and the typical personal injury payouts often seen. No matter what the circumstances are, these legal experts can help ensure a fair and just trial and the right compensation for the level of injury that has been sustained. Contact the local auto accident law office today to get started.

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The main cause of lawsuits in America — 54.7 million of them to be exact — is due to traffic matters. This is not really surprising, since there are so many different types of accidents that fall into that category and many of them have the potential to result in personal injury lawsuits. Here are three of the most common traffic accidents.

1. Car Accidents
Every year in America, there are an estimated 5.5 million car accidents. These result in about three million injuries and another 40,000 deaths. Common causes of car accidents include weather, human error, not following traffic laws (speeding, unsafe lanes changes), distracted driving, and driving while impaired. Motorists should always follow laws and drive with caution. Drivers should also make sure that their vehicles are well cared for and that they wear their seatbelts when driving.

2. Motorcycle Accidents
Another common type of traffic accident that could result in a personal injury lawsuit is motorcycle accidents. These are usually the result of unsafe lane changes or unsafely proceeding through an intersection. Since motorcycle injuries can be very severe, motorists should drive with increased caution during the summer months when more motorcycles are on the road. Motorcycle riders should always wear protective gear and helmets that are approved by the Department of Transportation.

3. Pedestrian Accidents
Unfortunately another common type of traffic accident involves pedestrians. More than 60,000 pedestrian injuries occur each year, mostly at night. Pedestrians should always try to use designated walkways and be sure to wear reflective clothing or carry a flashlight with them when walking at night or during times of decreased visibility due to the weather. Motorists should also drive with increased attentiveness near pedestrian crossings.

Have you ever been involved in a traffic accident that resulted in a personal injury case? Feel free to tell us about it in the comments section. References.


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