What Makes A Law Firm Good? Five Common Injuries In America You Can Get Help With


What makes a law firm good?

This is the question likely going in and out of your head after a crash, a bicycle accident, or a slip and fall incident. How do you make sure your case gets proper attention? Learning how to find a personal injury lawyer means learning more about the options at your disposal, up to and including a specific attorney that specializes in your particular case. Whether you’re facing time off from work or discussing insurance claims with your provider, you’ll be glad you took the time to learn more about the function of a law firm.

What makes a law firm good? Find out by reading the short list below.

Car Accidents And Claims

Let’s say you’ve been in a car accident. How do you make sure you walk away in one piece? The United States sees over six million car crashes happening every year, ranging from minor fender benders to serious injuries that need to be seen by a hospital. Car accident lawyers work specifically in cases related to car insurance claims, car injuries, and even drunk driving incidents. What makes a law firm good is providing you with specific perspectives on your specific issue, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Slips And Falls At Work

It’s devastating when you obtain a work injury that keeps you from doing your job. Not only do you have to take time off to recover, you still need money to pay for medical expenses. It’s thought slip, trip, and fall injuries account for at least 25% of all injury claims reported in a fiscal year. A twisted ankle or broken bone can set you back several weeks, those of which should be spent recovering rather than worrying. What makes a law firm good is making sure you have a full picture on your state’s workers’ comp resources and how they can be used to get you back on your feet.

Medical Malpractice And Neglect

A difficult issue to confront is medical malpractice. Not only do you have to consider your injuries, but you also need to ask questions concerning the state of your care and the possibility of receiving lackluster treatment. This is better done with the aid of a professional, standing by your side and weathering the uncertainty with you. Over 20,000 medical malpractice claims are filed every year, with over 250,000 people dying in the same timespan. What makes a law firm good is giving you the peace-of-mind needed to proceed with a difficult situation when you’re at your lowest point.

Motor Vehicle Accidents And Injuries

You might think a car accident claim looks the same across the board. The fact of the matter is quite different. When you’ve been in a motorcycle accident or a bicycle accident you need to seek out an attorney that deals with that specific issue, as everything from state laws to the types of injuries can affect the success of your case. According to statistics provided by the U.S. Department Of Justice, the most common personal injury claims are motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, and product liability. What makes a law firm good is giving you the best possible shot at success.

Choosing The Best Law Firm

You might be asking at this point, “Surely my case can’t be that serious. Do I need an attorney?” When it comes to ensuring justice is seen to or your workers’ compensation claim goes through, it’s much better to be safe than sorry. Contrary to popular belief, around 95% of personal injury cases in an average year are actually settled pretrial. This means you’re unlikely to see a courtroom, with this reserved for the most extreme of incidents or incidents involving several parties. Even a consultation with your local law firm can shrug a serious weight off your shoulders.

What makes a law firm good? By making sure all your questions are answered properly.


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