What to do When You Get Hurt at Work

What to do When You Get Hurt at Work


Hurt at work

Whether you slipped on ice, lifted a box the wrong way or cut off a finger, the same procedure is important to follow. When you get hurt at work, it’s easy to forget to go through the proper channels to make sure things are covered. Keep this check list handy to ensure that your place will support you through getting hurt at work.
First, tell your boss.
As soon as something happens, it’s important that you report it directly to your supervisor. If this is a condition that has happened over months of working with your company (ie hearing loss) or a condition that is quite immediate, both need to same reporting. Tell your boss and ensure that he or she works with you to fill out a formal report with the company. If the company does not have this kind of reporting already built it, the internet has plenty of examples. You can suggest one. The most important thing is that documentation happens right away, just in case workers compensation lawyers get brought in later.In 2011, workers’ compensation laws covered around 125.8 million employees. However, this is due in large part to employees understanding how to document their issues.
Get a copy of any documentation.
You need to keep a copy of your initial report and keep detailed notes of any conversations that you have with others. Do not editorialize these notes, just tell the facts of how exchanges go. These could be very important if you wind up working with a workers compensation attorney after getting hurt at work.
When you see the doctor, be explicit
If you are hurt at work, they will likely ask you to see a physician to check out your injury. Be explicit with the physician about how this injury is related to work. If it is a back injury, there is no need to talk about how you moved last week. Talk about about the part associated with work. It’s important not to give others a reason to say that the injury is not work related.
Workers’ compensation pays all of medical costs associated with a work injury and it also pays cash benefits for lost work time after a short waiting period. However, none of this is possible without traveling the appropriate channels.


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