What Type of Lawyer do I Need in a Car Crash?


It may feel as if there are endless ways to describe a lawyer: a custody lawyer, a criminal lawyer, a civil lawyer, a corporate lawyer, a public defender. Some terms are used more often than others, and the distinguishing between them can be minute and difficult to see at times. One of the most important kinds of lawyers to be familiar with are commercial lawyers, also commonly known as business lawyers; these professionals have a lot of duties and job requirements, but many people do not have an understanding of when to seek help from a commercial lawyer, and the many terms that this professional can go by.

Here are the major functions of some of these such law professionals.

Family lawyers help with personal civil disputes. A family lawyer can be a wearer of many hats: adoption lawyer, child support lawyer, divorce lawyer, and family lawyer. This law profession helps with matters of children and family. He is the professional that you would hire if you are going through a divorce with your spouse and need judicial assistance coming to a custody agreement. You would hire an adoption lawyer if you are looking to adopt a child to add to your family, and you would also hire an adoption lawyer if you were the parent of a child that has been adopted and you seek visitation or custody rights. An adoption lawyer may also help an adult child who seeks to know their birth family.

Personal injury attorneys help with injury claims. Motor vehicle accidents often result in one party being injured in a crash. This party may choose to pursue a monetary settlement from another party, especially if the motor vehicle accidents involved drunk driving or distracted driving. They can help with more than motor vehicle accidents, though; they can assist you if you would like to pursue your employer for restitution following workplace injuries.

Civil lawyers can help settle renter to tenant disputes. Did you come home one day to find your landlord rifling through your desk drawers? Did a tenant of yours change the locks without asking? The laws protecting tenants and the standards that renters must uphold vary from state to state; if you are one or the other and suspect your renter or tenant of unethical or prohibited behaviors a commercial lawyer can research the laws in place in your state, and can often help determine who is right and who is wrong without the case going to trial. In this case, you may be referring to your legal representation as an eviction attorney or a real estate attorney.

Commercial lawyers help big, important transactions go smoothly. Is your company being absorbed by another bigger one? Are you selling your apartment complex to a commercial developer? Are you settling a civil case with a lump sum of money being transferred? Where big transitions and negotiations are present, you will also run into a commercial lawyer. In this case, he may be called a business lawyer. He helps his client understand complex financial issues, legal disputes related to the transaction, and economic knowledge necessary for the case.

Whatever the situation you are in, a lawyer is a diverse and knowledgeable professional with many tools available to get your case solved smoothly. Whether it is coming to a salary agreeable with a picky employer or shaking hands over a revised lease with an unusual tenant, rely on a commercial lawyer to give you the business or financial help you need.


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