From Instigator to Mediator How to Solve Conflict in Your Life


Mediation in the Workplace:

When it comes to the workplace, employment issues and conflicts often waste highly valued company time. In a given week, the average manager spends anywhere from 25 to 40% of his or her time dealing with disagreements in the workplace. Equating to nearly two days of the work week, that is time that most companies simply do not have to spend. If one is not so inclined as to hire a mediator, mediation training is always a helpful alternative with a great return on its general costs. One study found that, after putting staff through conflict resolution courses such as arbitration and mediation, there was a 50 to 80% reduction in overall litigation expenses.

Teaching these conflict resolution skills to employees as well is extremely valuable to companies across the United States. With employees in the United States estimated to spend over two hours a week engaged in workplace conflicts, nearly $359 billion dollars are being paid to workers merely arguing rather than focusing on positive productivity. Once obtaining the problem solving capabilities that are taught through mediation, production can be increased back to its regular and heightened state.

Mediation in other aspects of life:

Although mediation can be a very useful tool in solving employment issues, it also can play a major role in other aspects of a person’s life. Over two-thirds of couples who decided to go with mediated divorce were satisfied with the process and its outcome. Mediation is far cheaper than litigation, and typically results in lesser the emotional strain on both parties involved.

Mediation does not require circumstances as drastic as divorce to be of use either. Couple’s mediation helps a couple grow together as a family both in their respect and understanding of each other. Whether it be through mediation training or having a mediator actually come and help the couple talk and work through their issues, the skill set that inherently comes along with mediation helps couples understand each other better than ever before.

There are so many benefits to incorporating mediation training into one’s life; whether it be divorce mediation, resolving workplace disputes, fighting against employment issues, or even facilitating leaders to better understand the responsibility that inherently comes along with their position. Not only is it a resourceful tactic that will save corporations potential billions, but a way of understanding each other that leaves people more satisfied with the results of the struggles they go through overall.


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