Bail Bondsman 101 ? Why Do You Need Bail and How Do You Get It?

Bail Bondsman 101 ? Why Do You Need Bail and How Do You Get It?


Life has a knack for taking unexpected turns. Some of these twists and turns can see you or someone dear to you in custody for whatever reason. When it happens, you find yourself in a situation where you urgently need money for bail to secure your release from jail. The courts may ask for money you don’t have at the moment but don’t worry. A bail bondsman is there to help you out. Here is an overview of; what bail is, why you need it and where to find it.

Bail is not punishment but the assurance that you will comply with the court process failure to which the payment you make is forfeited. Flouting bail terms lead to a loss on the part of the bailer. When it happens, the associated bond and insurance agency goes after you to recover the money taken by the courts when you disregard court appearances. The bond vs. bail argument confuses many, but the two are distinct. Bail is money paid to secure a person’s release from custody as they go to court for their case under set conditions. The bond payments secure release for persons awaiting or continuing with the trial. Bail can be so urgent that you wonder where to find help. Online sites save you a great deal. Check for bond agencies near me or browse for bond lawyer near me according to your need. Compare the rates and testimonials before settling for what works best for you within the shortest time possible.

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It can be scary when you or someone you know gets put into custody. No matter the reason why, it is important to get a full-service bail bond company to help you out. But first, it?s important to understand what bail is and how you can get it.

What is Bail?

Typically, bail is a financial agreement between a defendant (person accused of committing a crime) and a bail bond agency. When hiring a bail bondsman, they will often go to the court and act for the defendant to arrange conditions of the release of a defendant.

In order to do this, many people are required to pay 10% of bail, which means collateral for your doing a crime. This ensures that you come back to court for your court date, otherwise you forfeit the right to the finances you put on the line.

Why Do You Need Bail to be Posted?

So why do you need bail after all? You may need bail if you or someone you know has been recently incarcerated or put into custody. Bail is usually set at a fixed amount (determined by the judge) and must be paid in order to release the defendant. Bail requires a defendant to come back to court for their trial.

Since so many people are known for not coming back to the courts, bail was set into place to ensure the promise between the defendant being released and the courts. Some people put their house, car or other possessions down as collateral for bail. When bail is breached, the government will seize all items placed down as the bail.

People Who Skip Bail Are Asking for Trouble

If you decide that you want to skip bail after being court-mandated to return, you may find yourself in lot more trouble than you started. If a non-arrest bonds is placed on your account and you skip, the bail bonds company loses their money. It would then be up to the bail bonds company to come after you for their money.

Many places will ask for additional references as well. If you decide not to pay up on what you owe them or skip out on bail, they will call your cosigners and references every day to harass them for the money you owe them. Some companies may even go as far as issuing out letters for these misdemeanor bonds.

You May Need Bail Sooner Than Later

If you?re reading this because you need to find bail for someone, check your local search engine for the best local bail bondsman. You want to act fast since most of them close at a certain time of night. Even more, if bail is posted too late, your loved one may have to wait until the morning for bail to be posted and get released.

When a bail bondsman answers the phone and asks you ?Well, why do you need bail sir/ma?am?, be ready to have a prompt answer for them. Having all the information of the defendant will also be a great start to expediting the process quicker.


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