Finding Facts and Thoughts of Divorce

Finding Facts and Thoughts of Divorce


You can work with divorce attorneys to make sure you get the help that you require to make sure you end up with the protection that you require. You might want to work with Imagines divorce to get that legal help when you need to.

Going through a divorce is such a challenging process, and you might be interested in fighting divorce to make sure you end up keeping your rights protected to the best of your ability. In fact, you might be asking “my husband filed for divorce now what?”, or other questions about what to do if my husband filed for divorce. You should make sure you are looking at making sure you end up with the kind of help that you need while fighting your divorce.

Think deeply about how much of an impact a divorce can have on your life. You must make sure you are looking at the ways that your working on making sure that there is as little fallout from your divorce as possible. Make sure you think about that very carefully as you possibly can to make sure you end up with something that doesn’t completely derail your life for you.

Married couples will sometimes separate before they officially get legally divorced. Other people will just separate for a while before becoming reunited. Any divorce attorney who has been working in this field for long enough will tell you that nearly anything could happen at these times. Emotionally, no divorce could ever be called simple, but circumstances where someone is “fighting divorce” will only make everything worse. If you find out that “my husband filed for divorce,” it’s typically important for you to look for your own reliable legal representation.

Some people would guess that cases involving a one party divorce are more common than the alternative. A spouse who imagines divorce working out that way might be even more concerned about going through a divorce case. Attorneys who have helped many married couples through these proceedings can simplify everything and let you know about the choices and possibilities that are still available to you.

Even when it’s clear that the divorce is going to happen one way or another, there are lots of other important details to work out legally. You’ll need to make sure that the property is divided properly, for example. Your divorce lawyer can help make the case as fair as possible.

A new year has started and sadly, by February that is when the highest amount of divorce filings will take place. Over the last few decades, the statistics and facts have poured in regarding what types of people get divorced, and there was not an element or characteristic left out of the factual based findings. Here are just some of the analysis based around divorces and why couples decide to contact a divorce attorney:

  • If you smoke and your spouse does not, there is only a 25% statistical odd the marriage will last.
  • The odds of a marriage lasting after the first marriage go way down. Such as, the divorce rate for marriage number two is at 60%, while the odds of marriage number three lasting is at 73%. The good news is, there is a 59% chance that your first marriage will last though.
  • Regional location of where you live may play a factor as well. The Northeast has a high success rate of marriages lasting long term, while Western states have the highest divorce rates.
  • The type of job you have can also be a hindrance as Sales positions, and even positions with a lot of overtime have seen peak amounts of divorce rates compared to other job professions.


Most of the facts or stats may not come to shock most people, as the trends or reasonings do make sense. Aside from the emotional aspect, the process of getting a divorce sometimes isn’t always easy. While you can just contact a divorce attorney, there are also other lawyers and attorneys throughout the process that you may have to contact, such as, an uncontested divorce attorney, child custody attorneys, or a general family law attorney, depending on your situation.

Out of all of the options, the easiest and most affordable kind of separation is an uncontested divorce. This allows both parties a simple and quiet way to end the marriage. If the marriage just comes to a point where both people are no longer happy, or they feel like they have drifted apart for one reason or another, an amicable parting is usually the route taken.

So, how do you avoid being a statistic, contacting a divorce attorney, or being at risk of losing your marriage? Try to remember to always communicate with your spouse. Lack of communication ranks above infidelity, loss of interest, and financial issues. Talking out problems, worries, conflicts, life goals, family plans or ideas, and financial issues can be a great healer and strong building foundation. Though it may not solve every marital issue, it is a great place to start if you are looking for keep your marriage together and avoid the divorce process all together.




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