Four Times When Your Business Should Hire a Formation Attorney

Four Times When Your Business Should Hire a Formation Attorney


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Small businesses face a growing number of legal issues each year — in fact, 58% of smaller businesses handled a legal issue of some kind in 2013.

But for many small businesses, it can be tough to discern when a legal issue actually necessitates the hiring of a business litigation or business formation attorney. This guide will let you know when you should hire a lawyer to help represent your business in court, however.

Here are some of the situations in which you would benefit by hiring a business formation lawyer:

1. You want to become an LLC: If your small business wishes to become a limited liability company, or LLC, you’re going to need to hire a business formation lawyer. This is especially true if your business has more specific requirements regarding shareholders and stocks.

2. You need to choose a name for your business: Business formation services can also help your business find a name that is legally available for use. Even if there are no existing businesses with the name you want, there still might be a trademark on the name somewhere that a business formation lawyer can help you find.

3. You’re facing a business litigation lawsuit: In the last two decades, the frequency of employee claims and lawsuits has risen by an amazing 400%. If your business is facing a legal suit from an employee, you shouldn’t ever go without a business litigation attorney who can help determine a fair settlement for both parties.

4. Your business is facing environmental issues: Environmental laws come with heavy fines for those who violate them. That’s why, if your business is located on land that’s polluted — regardless of whether or not your business actually did the polluting — you should hire an attorney who can help defend your business in court. Good refereneces.


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