How to Avoid Contract Disputes

How to Avoid Contract Disputes


In this YouTube video, Dental and Medical Counsel, PC – Ali Oromcian look at different ways of avoiding contract disputes. Anytime two or more parties enter a contract, it’s a good idea to slow down and honestly read the agreement before signing. Many contract disputes are due to the lack of clarity in the contract.

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There are several scenarios that cause contract disputes.

– Non-compete clauses with either employer or employees or with the seller of a medical practice
– Employee disputes with associates and contractors
– Confusion between landlord and tenant

Have all contracts drafted carefully for each state’s laws. Some clauses are allowed to be in specific agreements, and others are not. Ensure that the radius of restriction you place in the contract is localized and not overly broad. Describe the roles and responsibilities of employees, dividing lines for contractors, and describe what happens with financial distribution during a company dissolution. Time limits on leases shouldn’t be longer than one year, rental increases should be capped at a reasonable percentage and spelled out, and mediation and arbitration clauses should always be included.

Eventually, the disputes occur without the help of a qualified attorney. Always hire an attorney to help with the contract.


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