I’ve Been Hurt By A Car On The Job Do I Qualify For Workers’ Compensation Benefits?


You’ve been hurt by a car. Your entire week has gone into a tailspin and you’re not sure how you’re going to pay off medical bills, much less get back on your feet and go back to work. What do you do?

You hire a personal injury attorney and get a professional eye to sort out the new mess of your life. It’s an intimidating action, particularly since lawyers are so often sensationalized in mainstream media, but this is not unlike reaching out to a doctor or speaking with a professor. You need a professional that’s familiar with the human reasons behind accidents, crashes and foul play. With all the paperwork that needs to be done, and potential interrogation of witnesses, a helping hand will help immensely with keeping your head above water.

Personal injuries are one of the most common reasons why Americans reach out to lawyers. Here’s what you should know.

Car Accidents In America

Being hurt by a car is one of the most common ways to completely transform your life. One minute you’re heading home from work, the next you’re staring at a ruined car door or looking at thousands of dollars worth of medical bills. The United States sees millions of car accidents every year, with some states having to recently change their BAC (blood alcohol content) laws just to keep up with the flow. Being hurt at work can add an entirely new dimension to your case and whether or not you receive assistance. This, and much more, will continue to be explored below.

Car Accident Causes

What makes being hurt by a car such a common reason to miss work are the causes. A car crash can be influenced by vehicle negligence (such as failing to repair old brakes) or distracted driving (such as attempting to text behind the wheel). South Carolina saw a car accident every four minutes in 2015 alone, with a person sustaining a minor or severe injury every 10 minutes. Overall, that year totaled over 55,000 traffic accidents. Drunk driving remains one of the most common reasons people reach out to a personal injury lawyer.

Drunk Driving

Not only is drunk driving still one of the most common causes of car crashes outside of distracted driving and vehicle negligence, it has since been expanded to include over-the-counter medication and illegal drugs. A recent study saw nearly 2% of South Carolinians admitting to driving after having too much to drink once or more in the past year. Drunk driving is taken very seriously the country over in an attempt to curb these rates and can see punishments ranging from fines to jail time.

Possible Outcomes Of Personal Injury

What might you see when you apply for a personal injury case? DUI fines in South Carolina range between a small $400 after a first offense to well over $10,000, including court costs, medical bills and additional fees. South Carolina, like most of the country, requires a blood alcohol content of 0.08% to support a charge. Utah is the only state that has changed its BAC level to 0.05%. Whether or not you were hurt by a car while on the job can also influence your case dramatically. Hiring an attorney will make this complicated process much simpler.

Hiring An Auto Accident Attorney

You need to figure out medical bills, if any, and talk to your car insurance plan. You need to figure out workers comp in your state and whether or not you qualify. You need a lot of things right now and a personal injury attorney will be your shoulder during a trying time. South Carolina today has 60% more fatal car accidents than the national average, making the function of a car accident attorney all the more stark, and your unique case could see you receiving benefits to help you bounce back. Workers’ comp in South Carolina can pay over $800 per week.

When it comes to life and legal matters, there is no guarantee. Get the answers you need by reaching out to an attorney.


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