Law Schools Start Offering Master’s Degrees

Law Schools Start Offering Master’s Degrees


Someone has rightly said that necessity is the mother of all innovations.  American Bar Association said that in the past two years the ratio of enrollment in law schools has gone down to 15 percent and to fill this gap, most of the law schools have announced new offerings of master degrees.

It is said that 30 law schools of Arizona and many other states have launched a new JM degree to see whether it flourishes and sinks.  After successfully completion of JM degree, students of this course will not be eligible for bar rather they would be able to understand legal aspects of their own professions.

It is unclear that what fee will be set for this course and to what degree this course is marketable but it is for sure that this course would undoubtedly help professionals to learn what the legal nature of their profession is and how to solve their professional related problems.

Dean of Arizona State University Douglas Sylvester said that “this program is launched for improving the legal economy in the country and we do not expect boon to law schools”. This program is experimental and there is no guarantee that whether it would grow or not.

On the other hand, dean of the University Of California said that “this program opens the doors of knowledge for those professionals who wish understand the legality of their jobs”.

Time will tell that whether this program will help the people to get some jobs or not. At present, it can be speculated that this degree will inevitably change the face of law in U.S.


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