Let Me Count the Ways My Marriage Is Going Downhill!

Let Me Count the Ways My Marriage Is Going Downhill!


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This is how you knew that it was finally time to look for a divorce attorney. You were reading an alphabet book to your two children one afternoon, and instead of mindlessly repeating the words that you had read hundreds of times, you instead found yourself making a list of all of the things that were bothering you about your spouse and your marriage. While some of the letters represented arguments you were already having, other letters reminded you of annoying habits that you simply can no longer stand.

  • Arguments about everything from A to Z.
  • Buying a used car or leasing a new car.
  • Credit card debt that is out of control.
  • Deadlines for completing projects around the house.
  • Eggshell or white wall color paint.
  • Finding a way to spend more time with your children.
  • Going out to eat or staying at home and saving some money.
  • Hiding extra cash from your spouse.
  • Infidelity.
  • Juggling your home responsibilities when you really do not even want to be in the house.
  • Keeping everything from your childhood bedroom when the house is already too crowded.
  • Leaving a party and driving after you have had too much to drink.
  • Making a mess in the kitchen soon after your spouse finished cleaning it.
  • Never being on time for events that are important to your partner.
  • Over charging whenever you go shopping.
  • Picking out all of the things that your spouse does that drive you crazy.
  • Quitting helping around the house with time consuming things like laundry and cleaning.
  • Really easy situations like putting up the Christmas tree end in a huge argument.
  • Staying late at work night after night instead of going home and spending time with your spouse and children.
  • Telling your teenage children all of the things that your spouse does that drive you crazy.
  • Unusual amounts of time on the internet on sites that you probably should not be visiting.
  • Visualizing what your life could be like without your current partner.
  • Wishing that you could be anywhere else but sitting in the house with your partner.
  • X-tra long trips to the grocery store, finding one more reason to stay away from the house.
  • Yelling at your spouse about things as insignificant as forgetting to rinse off the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.
  • Zip code searches to try to figure out where your spouse is whenever he or she is even a few minutes late getting home.

There are many times in a life when it is important to understand the importance of finding a good lawyer. For some, legal advice is needed they have had too much to drink and find themselves sitting in a police car at the end of night out with good friends. For others, finding a good lawyer is necessary to be able to help them get their children out of a jam. Still others look for to find a good lawyer to help them file for divorce and to get out of a marriage that is neither healthy nor happy. For whatever reason, finding a good lawyer can mean the difference between a successful case or a devastating financial set back. Whether you are in the process of finding a good lawyer to help with your divorce or you are looking for the best DUI attorney to help you challenge a blood alcohol content test that you know you can contest, the legal team that you select can make all of the difference.
The new DUI laws across the country can make it challenging to understand the best ways to put together a good defense, and the high number of divorces in this country mean that there are many attorneys who are willing to take your case. When it comes time to find a lawyer for your particular need, however, all of the new laws and latest statistics will comfort you. Your comfort will be found in doing the research and getting recommendations about what attorneys can help you get the results that you need in your individual case.
Although many law firms provide a variety of services to a number of different kinds of clients, there is some merit to finding a lawyer or an entire firm that specializes in the kind of legal help that you know you will need.


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