Military Divorce and Preparing Yourself For the Difficult Process


Divorce is never an easy process to endure no matter who you are and no matter how you got there. Every aspect of family law can be difficult to handle, which is why if you are going through a new military divorce, you need military divorce attorneys who understand every aspect of this sometimes-complex process and can extend a helping hand to you so that nothing is missed.

Divorce Stats and How Common the Process Is

Divorce, especially military divorce, is becoming more and more commonplace as time goes on, giving families a need for a military lawyer who can help them through this difficult and emotional process. Did you know that the average marriage only lasts about eight years before it ends in divorce? The average age for a first time marriage is about 25 for women and 28 for men. This means that, within years, a woman or man in their 30s could be experiencing their first divorce and wondering how they ended up there. They might have many questions about this new and confusing prospect that has invited itself into their lives and given them something that causes stress and turmoil in their everyday lives.

Military divorce is common due to the fact that military families can sometimes be kept away, which gives way for aspects like aloneness, dependency on others, infidelity, and more. Divorce rates for those who are deployed in the U.S. Navy are at around 12.5%. This can make it difficult on families who were dedicated to spending their lives together and never expected this to happen to them.

How Military Divorce Attorneys Are Helping Families with Children

Many people do not understand the impact that divorce can actually have on a child and how alone a child might be feeling after they have had to endure this process. Divorce is not easy for anyone, and especially not for children, who sometimes blame themselves for a divorce that seemingly ‘ripped’ their parent’s marriage apart. Children also get a say in divorce at times, especially when it comes to living arrangements and telling a judge about what they want to see after their family has split. If a child is 12 years or older, they will be able to speak privately with a court judge talking about their living situation preferences and more.

Military divorce attorneys can clear up some of these matters and make the process easier for you and your family. For instance, the process does not always have to include the stress of a courtroom on a child. When it comes to custody agreements, about 91% will be made outside of a courtroom through mediation or arbitration, if this is what you choose to settle matters. About 50% of children in the U.S. today have been involved in a divorce process, which is why it is important for you to choose an attorney who also knows how important it is for your child to have a say.

Divorce impacts everybody in many ways. Because of this, you need an attorney who is skilled and understands the many ins and outs of the law as it pertains to these cases. Find out how a skilled military divorce lawyer can assist you in this difficult process.


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