The Basics of Criminal Law

The Basics of Criminal Law


In this video, you will learn about criminal law. When someone commits a crime, it is called mens rea, or a guilty mind. This means that someone intended to commit the crime.

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If someone’s sleepwalking, for example, and they committed a crime, they did not have a guilty mind. This is going to be a little easier to defend in court. In the instance that someone acted with a guilty mind and committed the act, then that is going to be harder to defend in court. Another example would be if you hit someone with your car on accident. You might have still killed them, but you did not act with a guilty mind. This is the difference between first and second-degree murder. The first degree is when someone acted with a guilty mind and also committed a crime. An attempt is when you had a guilty mind, but did not actually commit the crime. The world is full of criminals. There are a lot of people who have guilty minds, too. As a defense lawyer, you will have to make sure that you have the full and honest truth from the person you are defending.


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