The Necessary Steps to a Workman’s Compensation Claim

The Necessary Steps to a Workman’s Compensation Claim


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What do you do when you are injured on the job? Your immediate concern should be the appropriate medical care of your injury. However, you will want to keep a few things in mind when dealing with a work related injury. You will want to ensure that the appropriate steps are taken to ensure that workman?s compensation covers your medical costs and any other damages that are incurred. You also want to protect any medical costs that might come up later on as a result of the injury.

Focus on your medical care Although it is important to keep the workman?s compensation procedure in mind, you want to ensure that you are healthy and safe. This should always be the top priority. If emergency medical care is needed, call or have someone call an ambulance for you. If you are able to be taken to the local hospital without an emergency vehicle, request a coworker to drive you. Let your coworkers or supervisor clean up your area for you and solely focus on getting the medical care that you need.

Keep records of all medical documents During your medical care visit, you are likely to be given a lot of medical documents. These documents might include discharge papers, care instructions, insurance information, bills, or your diagnosis and further information around it. The hospital billing department may request who to bill the stay to, to which you will provide your workman?s compensation information. It is important to keep all of these records as they will make it easier for the workers compensation lawyer practice to represent your case.

Consult with a workers compensation law practice It is likely that you will be too focused on your medical care and your injury to deal with the workers compensation claim. A workers compensation law practice can protect all of your rights, ensuring that you are receiving everything that you deserve. It may be beneficial to consult with disability attorneys and accident claims lawyers prior to communicating with the worker?s compensation department.

Communicate with the worker?s compensation department Your employer can put you in touch with your worker?s compensation department. However, it is more likely that they will contact you first. It can be helpful to hold off on any communication with your worker?s compensation representative until you have chosen your workers compensation law practice. You do not want to say anything that will negate your benefits or your ability to hire your own legal representation.

Consider specialty attorneys Workers reported 3,007,300 occupational illnesses and injuries in 2013. These injuries range to include all different types of injuries. In many cases, auto accident claims may be better handled by an injury attorney. A bankruptcy case as a result of a work related injury may be best handled by a bankruptcy injury. Discuss your needs for a specially trained attorney during your workman?s compensation case.

Submit all documents and paperwork on time One of the most beneficial parts of having a workers compensation law practice representing your case is that you will be aware of any necessary filing deadlines. The law firm will not only help you with claiming workers compensation, but will also ensure that all documents and supporting paperwork is filed within the needed time range.

Discuss benefits with your attorney It is highly likely that your case will be settled outside of court. Only 2% of personal injury tort cases actually go to trial, the rest are handled outside of the courtroom. The annual cost of civil lawsuits to the U.S. economy is $239 billion. Because of this, most cases are settled outside of court. Discuss all options offered with your specialized attorney before deciding if it is enough for your medical costs and damages incurred from the injury.

People are injured on the job every day. Most employers carry some amount of workman?s compensation. This compensation is meant to cover any medical costs and damages incurred. The process of workman?s compensation can be lengthy and confusing, making it extremely beneficial to have a workers compensation law practice representing you. They will help with completing the necessary steps and with filing the workman?s claim.


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