Three Strategies for Fighting That Pesky Speeding Ticket

Three Strategies for Fighting That Pesky Speeding Ticket


Fighting a red light ticket

So you’ve found yourself with a nasty traffic ticket for speeding, and you’ve decided that you want to try to beat your ticket. Luckily for you, state laws regarding speed limits are often so vague, confusing, and based on the officer’s subjective opinions that it can be fairly easy to beat a speeding ticket.

The most important thing you can do is to show up at your DMV hearing, fully prepared with your defense. But maybe you need a few tips to help you figure out which defense will work best?

  1. Because so many misdemeanor traffic offenses are based on the subjective accusations of the officer, rather than a bunch of factual evidence, it can be easy to say that his/her recollection of the event either isn’t accurate or isn’t a complete explanation of the situation. Sometimes, having testimony from bystanders witnessing the event will be substantial enough to invalidate the officer’s claims. Pictures are always a good idea too, and can show evidence of things like road conditions or poorly-lit streets, showing that you were in the right.
  2. Another way to fight a traffic ticket for speeding is to show that you were trying to keep yourself, or others, safe from harm. Perhaps another driver merged into your lane unexpectedly and you had to speed up in order to pass him/her — and then you sailed right by a cop car before you could slow down. You’re essentially admitting that you broke the law, but that you prevented a bigger problem from happening and therefore you deserve to get out of a traffic ticket with no penalties.
  3. And finally, again you can admit that you violated the law, but that it was an honest mistake. It’s fairly easy in many states to beat a speeding ticket if you can prove (ideally with pictures) that the signs or street lights were obscured. Something like a speed limit sign covered in heavy snow, or a big tree branch hanging in front of a stop sign, can help your case.

Remember, these strategies won’t always be effective for every ticket — but that doesn’t mean you should give up hope without even trying! If you happen to have any other suggestions for how to beat a speeding ticket, be sure to share your strategies in the comments section. Get more on this here.


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