Workplace Injuries Eligible for Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workplace Injuries Eligible for Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Claims


Personal injury and accident case law is a topic that many people today know about. For this reason, it is crucial to figure out what your attorney knows. When searching for a personal injury attorney, you must do a lot of research. It would help to do various things after an accident and before going to court. You would not want to head in unprepared and get denied the compensation you deserve.

An ideal lawyer to handle your accident bodily injury claim is one with experience in handling many types of cases like yours. It is best to ensure that you have a personal injury lawyer who has gone through years of schooling. Also, it will help to identify a reputable legal professional in the accident and injury group.

Reading articles online is an excellent way to learn more about how personal injury lawyers handle cases. You can easily find specific information on law offices from different websites. In addition, you can search the internet for yellow pages of lawyers.

You can also consider using local business directories to learn more about personal injury law firms in your area. Another option is to speak with friends who may be clients of these lawyers. Be sure to identify a suitable lawyer to tackle your case regardless of your chosen approach.

How to find personal injury lawyer

If you’ve gotten hurt on the job, it’s possible your personal injury lawyer is only going for a workers’ compensation. However, the best personal injury attorneys will tell you that there are situations where you can sue for the damages caused by your injuries as well as workers’ compensation.

You might be able to do alright suing exclusively for workers’ compensation money and benefits, your injury may persist after the money runs out. Disability payments are often fairly low, and they don’t account for pain and suffering on the part of the injured worker. Workers’ compensation also doesn’t force employers to pay punitive damages, meaning that the same conditions that caused your injury could arise again.

So when is a work injury relevant to statutes other than labor laws?

  • Defective Products: If your injury was caused by a defective product you used or handled on the job, you may have a products liability case against the product’s manufacturer.
  • Toxic Substances: An on-the-job injury caused by a toxic substance might make you eligible to bring a toxic tort lawsuit against the substance’s manufacturer.
  • Employer Conduct: If your employer’s intentional conduct caused you to be injured, the best personal injury attorney could probably bring a personal injury claim against them as well.
  • Employer Lacks Workers’ Compensation: If your employer doesn’t actually have workers’ compensation insurance for injured workers, you can try to sue your employer in a civil court. You may also be able to get money from a state fund.
  • Third Party: If a third party like another employee or contractor caused your injury, you may be able to hit them with a personal injury claim.

The best personal injury attorney will be able to look at your case and see the various ways they can fight for you to be compensated. Choose your lawyer well to give yourself the best chance of winning your claims.
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