Why You Should Hire a Lawyer For Your Negligence Claim

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer For Your Negligence Claim


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Medical professionals are usually viewed as competent people who will help us keep healthy and safe. That is not always the case, as some patients are unfortunate enough to find out. Medical negligence can cause further injury, and in some cases even death.

In 2016, some statistics showed that over 250,000 patients died as a result of medical negligence. That’s more than coal mine accidents, DUI driving accidents, and boat accidents combined. When dealing with a possible medical malpractice case, it is generally a good idea to look into a personal injury lawyer.

What is medical negligence? The term assigns legal fault when a medical professional fails to act in accordance to the accepted standard of medical care through a failure to act, whether inadvertently or not. This omission may occur through a misdiagnosis, or a wrong prescription, or incorrect treatment or after care.

These cases can be difficult to prove, as the case will hinge on the claim that further injury was directly caused by medical negligence. If this cannot be conclusively proven, the case will not be in favor of the patient. Records of each step in the medical process can be helpful in establishing an accurate narrative.

An lawyer experienced with medical malpractice claims may be helpful. It is always helpful to have someone who has inside knowledge on your side. You may be unfamiliar with the court process, and what documents will be helpful to your case and which will not. A good lawyer will, which increases the chances of your case ending successfully.

Medical negligence doesn’t always happen in a hospital. In 2014, the C.D.C. noted that the U.S. had more than 15,600 senior facilities housing just over 1.4 million residents. Many of these location pride themselves on taking good care of their patients both physically and mentally.

Because these senior facility residents are relying on resident nurses to help them care for themselves, there is always the chance that an unscrupulous individual will take advantage. Some signs an elderly person is being neglected are: improper clothing for the weather, bruises, signs of dehydration, and a general skittishness.

Negligence is not an easy claim to prove. But having the proper documentation can help. If you believe you or a family member has been a victim of medical malpractice, seek help from an attorney who can better advise you in your pursuit for justice.


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