Have You Considered Filing For A Divorce? Let A Family Law Attorney Help

Have You Considered Filing For A Divorce? Let A Family Law Attorney Help


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Family is one of the most beautiful parts of everyday life. Your family is who you turn to during hard days and need a shoulder, who you turn to when you want to create the good times to stand strong against the passage of time. When something threatens your family, be it infidelity or abuse, you’ll do whatever you can to preserve the future of you and your children. When you’re going through the motions of divorce, it’s time to seek out the assistance of a family law firm to help you through these tough times.


Marriage rates have been fluctuating significantly over the past few decades. Many factors have contributed to the overall decline, from changing societal norms to a more unstable economy, making your situation just one of many looking for better options. According to ongoing social data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau, first marriages that end in a divorce have an average life span of eight or nine years. The United States sees women taking three years on average to remarry, with men taking three and a half years.


Divorce isn’t an easy decision, but it’s made a little more so by the assistance of a local attorney. The United States sees two-thirds of divorce cases filed by women, with a divorce occurring approximately every 36 seconds. That’s around 2,400 divorces per day, 16,000 divorces per week and over 875,000 divorces every year. There are many reasons people choose to divorce, though some are more common than others. Infidelity, lack of compatibility, drug abuse, physical abuse and financial strain are the top five most frequent reasons people choose to separate.


Do you worry about whether or not you can receive child custody? A lawyer can assist you with the necessary paperwork and assessment needed to reach a viable decision. Over 65% of divorced mothers have been found to receive no child support pending a successful hearing, with 80% of custodial mothers receiving a child support award compared to only 30% of custodial fathers. Overall, recent studies have seen 90% of divorced mothers having custody of their children.


A difficult topic only made more so by fearful silence and a lack of options, abuse needs to be discussed frankly if you are to receive the help you need. Abuse can be physical or emotional, narrowing down your world to walking on eggshells around a partner that should love and support you. If you feel unsafe expressing your true feelings, notice high rates of depression or anxiety when with your partner or fear for the security of your child, you may just be in an abusive relationship. A domestic violence attorney can provide you with the necessary steps toward filing a divorce and helping with child custody.

Seeking Out A Family Lawyer

Your family should be happy and secure. If your familial situation is anything but and you’ve considered filing for a divorce more than once, take the time to visit your local family law firm. From providing you resources to handle a dangerously abusive situation to assessing the possibility of child custody, you’re far from alone in your struggle to get your life back on track. Of the over six million custodial parents with either child support agreements or awards, over five million were due payments back in 2013. Don’t go any longer worrying about your future. Let a professional shoulder the burden with you.


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