Why Attorneys and Court Personnel Rely on Legislative Research Services

Why Attorneys and Court Personnel Rely on Legislative Research Services


Legislative history services

In the course of their work, attorneys, court personnel and administrative agencies need legislative history materials, as well as federal and state regulations. Lawyers and court alike find themselves in need of legislative research and analysis, for reference and for presentation in court. A legislative intent service with an organized system for accessing the relevant legislative documentation, including California legislative history, can be a great help. When combined with explanations and commentary, such documentation can help attorneys and courts use the materials effectively.

Legislative history and intent research
It’s difficult for any individual attorney or law firm or court to maintain a record of legislative and administrative documents from the 1700s to the present day. A legislative intent service can track down records from the last three hundred years, and also provide the commentary and legislative history that helps in the interpretation of existing laws.
The services cover legislation at the federal and state levels. Searches can be customized for particular cases, and the documentation is provided in an easily accessible PDF format online. The service also covers state and federal regulations.

Help in construing the law
Legislative history includes not only the existing laws but also documentation that shows how it was enacted and amended and the circumstances it addressed. Such information puts interpretations of the law by attorneys as well as judges on a solid foundation of facts.
Failed legislation too helps to understand the context, intent and public policy of the legislation. Committee reports, debates from the Congressional Record, presidential papers, and articles on proposed bills all contribute to this understanding.
Legislative intent services also provide up to date news on legislative and political matters. With over 300 bills currently awaiting action by the U.S. Senate, this service helps attorneys, courts and administrative agencies to keep track of legislative and political developments as they might affect current cases.

State laws and intent
When it comes to state law, courts have looked at the intent of the legislation as well as its text in construing its applicability to particular cases.
California legislative history is available to the public in a
number of formats. This follows legislation passed fifteen years ago, allowing the public to access government records in whichever form they exist, including print and electronic form.
In legislative history and intent research, the organization and presentation of documents helps clients to correctly construe the law in particular cases. Legislative history research relies upon knowledge of what documentation is available and its location. It also depends on personal contacts at various levels: with legislative policy and fiscal committees, sponsoring offices, governor?s offices, legislative counsel, archives, law libraries and government publications facilities.

For attorneys, courts and agencies, finding legislative history and authentic documentation can help in determining the outcome of important cases. State documents like California legislative history also help to construe the intent of laws and their applicability to particular cases.


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