Three Weird Food Laws That Are Still on the Books For Some Reason

Three Weird Food Laws That Are Still on the Books For Some Reason


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What would you do if you found out that there were a legal statute in your town that prevented you from being able to enjoy your favorite dessert? Would you do some legislative history research on it, take your findings to your local governing body, and argue that it’s legislative intent makes no sense in the hopes that they repeal or amend it? Or would you just ignore it and eat your dessert anyways?

It seems like a far fetched scenario, but there are U.S. citizens who actually do face such quandaries if you can believe it. Here are a few of the weirdest food laws still on the books today.

No Peanuts in Boston Churches.

Yep. You read that right. Boston still has a legal statute on the books that forbids hungry worshipers from snacking on some peanuts in Church. Even if it weren’t illegal, it’d still probably be a bad idea, considering how all the crunching and crackling would distract others from the sermon.

No Forking Ice Cream in Rosemead, California.

Rosemeade, California has a legal statute forbidding its hot citizens from enjoying their favorite summer time treat with a fork (even though it’s fairly unlikely that anybody would even want to do that). So if you’re ever in town, and you have ice cream but no spoon, it’d probably be best if you just went without.

No Donuts in Marion, Ohio If You’re Walking Backwards.

In Marion, Ohio, you can eat a donut while walking, skipping, or hopping forwards down the street. You can even probably eat one while shuffling sideways, but if you decide to snack on a bear claw, glazed ring, chocolate sprinkle, or other donut while moving backwards, you’re breaking one of the town’s legal statutes.

And to think, these are just some of the weird legal statutes that are out there. If you’ve ever come across a weird food law in your own legislative research, feel free to share it in the comments.


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