Must-Read Patent Information for Creators of All Kinds

Must-Read Patent Information for Creators of All Kinds


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When it comes to intellectual property rights, one of the most common, yet misunderstood, types used is the patent. In the U.S., the patent filing process is completed through the United States Patent and Trademark Office, which oversees all manner of creations. What may confuse some inventors, however, is not knowing which type of patent to file for.

Where copyrights protect creative works and trademarks cover brand names and logos, patents are used for at least three purposes in the U.S.: creations, designs, and plants. Let’s take a look at the patent information for these three categories.

Utility Patents
Utility patents are used for the creation itself. This can be a machine, a useful process, an article of manufacture, or a composition of matter.

Design Patents
Design patents deal with ornamental characteristics of an invention. Updating a patented object with a new design also qualifies for a design patent.

Plant Patents
Plant patents go to any new variety of an asexually reproduced plant.

Once an inventor knows which type of patent to file for, he or she can begin the patent process. Like other patent information on the web, the filing process can be accessed through the USPTO website. One thing an inventor has to decide is whether a patent should be filed internationally or in the U.S. only.

From there, the patent goes to examination. While it is possible to file a patent yourself, the USPTO recommends filing through an attorney instead. An intellectual property lawyer should be familiar with the type of patent or invention being filed. Then, once the patent is accepted, the inventor will pay fees to file and to maintain that patent throughout the years.

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