Workplace Injury and Wrongful Dismissal

Workplace Injury and Wrongful Dismissal


Workplace injuries occur in the course of duty due to an unsafe work environment. Workers in different occupations are faced with injury risks at their place of work daily. Types of injuries at the workplace include persistent back pain and muscle strains. Some injuries are fatal and could lead to the loss of an employee if not urgently treated. Other workplace injuries involve exposure to hazardous substances that affect an employee’s health in the long run.

Accident attorneys help in the filing of hurt on the job lawsuit. They are qualified law experts who understand the legal aspects of workplace injury and represent you in court of law.

If you experience a workplace injury, you can search for a hurt at work lawyer near me. You need to notify your supervisor at work immediately after the damage occurs. You can also search for the hurt my back at work or hurt at work who pays to find out more about the requirements of a successful workplace injury lawsuit. It is necessary to choose an injury attorney with your best interest in mind. It will help if you ask about their level of experience and area of specialization. You need accident attorneys to guide you through the legal process and compensation.

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If you’ve recently been involved in an accident at work—or worse, if you’ve been fired following an accident—you should educate yourself on information about workplace-related injury and wrongful dismissal to protect yourself and decide if you should seek wrongful dismissal compensation. You may have found yourself asking some of the following questions.

Can I Be Fired For Getting Injured?

This is a bit of a tricky question. Employers may not fire an employee simply for getting hurt on the job or filing a claim for workman’s compensation (this is called “retaliatory discharge”). However, employers are not required to maintain an employee who cannot perform the basic duties of his or her job. The Americans with Disabilities Act does place a certain level of responsibility on employers to provide reasonable accommodation for injured or disabled workers to help them do their required tasks; depending on the type of job and nature of injury, this might mean adjusting the required work schedule or modifying equipment. You may need to consult a wrongful termination lawyer if your case is unclear.

What Counts as a Workplace Injury or Illness?

Workplace injury isn’t uncommon; just in 2011 alone, there were approximately 3 million non-fatal injuries on the job, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The bureau estimates that workplace-related illness accounted for 5% of workplace injuries in 2012, and work-related injury is the second most common basis of personal injury lawsuits in the country.If you’ve experienced injury or illness that directly resulted from your required work activities, you may be eligible for workman’s compensation (not all types of workers are eligible, so do your research or talk to a work representative if you’re not sure). Depending on your job, the injury may not have to have happened on the premises. If, for example, you are required to travel for work, then your injury or illness may be covered. However, getting in a fender-bender because you were texting on your morning commute would not generally make you eligible for a claim.

At What Point Should I Seek Legal Help?

Be your own advocate first; don’t make threats or escalate the situation if you don’t need to. Try a simple conversation with your employer. If your workplace has a designated intermediary between workers and management, take advantage of that resource. Keep records of all your interaction, including photocopies, emails, and notes about meetings and when they occurred. If your employer still refuses to negotiate or treat you fairly, then you may need to seek legal help. Labor attorneys in your area will know not only federal statutes, but also any state laws that may apply.

What Will The Result Be If I Win?

If you have been fired because of your injury or filing a claim, and your legal action is successful, you may be entitled to wrongful dismissal compensation. Generally, one of two things may happen: You may be reinstated into your position, or you may receive monetary wrongful dismissal compensation. Read more about this topic at this link.


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