How You Can Avoid a Hit and Run Charge

How You Can Avoid a Hit and Run Charge


There are two types of hit-and-run incidences, and they are both considered severe offenses that bring about harsh consequences. The first kind is a hit-and-run incident with injuries, and the other is without injuries.

The most important thing to remember to avoid charges is never to leave the scene. If you struck property, an unattended vehicle, or a vehicle with a driver, the immediate thing to do is stop.

In case of injuries, you should assist by calling the ambulance or 911 helpline.

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If the concerned party is present, offer your contact details and allow them to note your license and registration. If there is no one else at the scene, you must find the owner of the damaged car or property.

When unable to locate the owner, leave a note with your contact information in an easy-to-spot place so they won’t miss it. For evidence, be sure to take a picture of the message. This proof would go a long way in helping a hit and run accident lawyer plead your defense if things go wrong.


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