I’m An Artist With A Vision  How Do I Protect My Work?

I’m An Artist With A Vision How Do I Protect My Work?


Patent and trademark law

Are you an artist with a portfolio of work or an interesting concept you’ve yet to put to paper? It’s important you protect your intellectual property under the court of law. While it can be tempting to simply be vigilant and keep track of who engages with your work, the end results can end up running away from you in the age of the Internet — communication has never been easier and, thanks to popular blogging websites and search engines, theft is only a click away for thieves-to-be. Design patent law firms are created from the ground up to protect artists and their intellectual work for decades. All it takes is a few applications and you can breathe easy as you go back to doing what you do best.

How Long Has Copyright Been Around?

Did you know the cost to obtain a patent back in the 1700’s was around $5? That might not seem like much now, but back then it was rather costly. Things have changed recently, thankfully enough, and the number of annual U.S. patent applications have more than doubled in the past two decades — patent lawsuits, as well, have increased from an average of 500 per year to nearly 3,000 per year. When you consider the hefty population of the United States and the amount of entrepreneurs and artists attempting to make their mark in a competitive industry, it’s not hard to see why these figures are so high.

What Are Design Patent Law Firms?

The first step for any successful artist is to get acquainted with the skill sets of design patent law firms. Trademark attorneys are lawyers that specialize in the field of copyright law, familiar with the ins and outs of application, copyright infringement and protection should an infringement occur. The last 20 years have seen patent lawsuits increasing from 500 per year to over 3,000 annually.

What Is Copyright Infringement?

If you’re going to apply for copyright, it’s essential you know the ins and outs of copyright infringement. Copyright infringement is when a copyright law is breached, be it through conceptual theft or improper use of an idea — the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Intellectual Property Center has calculated the worth of intellectual property at a staggering $5 trillion, even $5.5 trillion in some estimates. According to additional surveys by the Council of State Governments, the American economy loses over $58 billion every year to copyright infringement. From lost tax revenue to loss of revenue to copyright owners, specifically, the United States has its work cut out for it.

Which Copyright Suits Me?

Each patent is different depending on the product or concept being protected. The term of design patent, for starters, is 14 years and measured from the date the patent was originally granted. A utility patent term can last up to 20 years and is also measured from the application priority filing date. Thinking of getting your idea protected under law? Patent attorney services are in your future.

Where Do I Get Started?

Want to ensure that your film idea or portfolio is protected all days of the year? Design patent law firms will cover all your bases and more. The United States ranks just ninth in patients per capita due to global competition, so the opportunity has never been better for making sure you put your best foot forward. Your particular situation will be analyzed from all angles and you will sign applications to better protect your work in case something goes sour. Likewise, you will also be taught about copyright infringement, local laws and what to do in case something happens. Nobody should fear having their work exploited — seek out a trademark attorney and see how they can help you.
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